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Church Alive

Because God is Alive – that’s why we’re Church Alive!

Archdeacon Gavin Collins

… exclaimed the Archdeacon of the Meon, The Ven Gavin Collins, in launching our new service.  That was a year ago and Church Alive has celebrated its first anniversary.

The anticipation and joy that was tangible on the very first day among 120 worshippers has continued in St.Mary’s across all ages – including the buzz of children.

It continues as though the songs of praises are joining those of the angels proclaiming God’s love and glory from the church rooftops – such was and is the atmosphere!

From the coffee and breakfast foods served from 10.20am, to the children on their new bean bags with streamers and banners,  to the new worship band – the celebration is growing in confidence and to new depths for all ages.  It is moving and spontaneous and full of life.

There is a Church Alive meeting every Sunday starting with refreshments from 10:20am, with any exceptions listed in the calendar.

Click on ‘Church Alive’ in the week by week Sunday calendar to enlarge the box and see what worship songs and themes are coming up!

Church Alive is for any who seek a weekly service of modern worship and contemporary music including:

  • Real coffee and breakfast pastries served from 10.20am
  • Relaxed and Informal Worship starting at 10.45am
  • Opportunity to think, discuss and be creative, or just sit, listen and enjoy
  • Friends, music, joy, laughter, community – praise, worship, Bible, growing.
  • Church where children are warmly embraced and along with the adults can enjoy being themselves.

These are the hallmarks which Church Alive seeks to express

  • Friendship + Joy
  • Coffee + Breakfast
  • Talking + Learning
  • Praise + Worship
  • All ages + Relevant
  • Spirit + Communion
  • Music + Creativity
  • Interaction + Prayer

Church Alive because as local Christians in Alverstoke we’re passionate about being ‘Alive to God’s Love in the Community’.


Alive to God

We can all be Alive to God through trusting Jesus at whatever church service we attend.

Alive to God's Word

We want to be Alive to God’s Word made relevant to us in the Bible today.

Alive to God's People

Being Alive to God’s People means all of us in this, responding to God and serving together

Alive to God's World

Alive to God’s World? – well let’s make our faith relevant to God’s awesome creation and our wonderfully diverse world; letting faith in Jesus change how we respond every day.